4 Signs You’re Going Through Your Second Spiritual Awakening

Amber Alexandria
3 min readMay 13, 2020


Photo Credit: Fabian Møller

Currently, I’m going through my second spiritual awakening as I enter into my late 20s. My first spiritual awakening occurred during that unsettling time period of leaving adolescence and becoming an adult. Does the classic Britney Spears song “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” ring any bells for anyone?

It was the first time in my life where I really had the power to decide what I wanted for myself. And now at the age of 27, I finally feel like I have the opportunity to consciously mold who it is that I’ve become.

During these uncertain times, we are all making impactful life decisions and many people find themselves going through their second spiritual awakening without even knowing it.

By this time around, the spiritual awakening blends in with your current reality and feels like the natural movement of your life experience. We are always growing and expanding consciously, but there certainly are some time periods in our lives that feel more intensified than others. So here are 4 surefire signs that you can use to confirm that you indeed have been going through another spiritual awakening.

#1 Removal.

I call this process ‘pulling weeds’ as you are removing what is no longer serving you. During this time period, your personal boundaries are becoming stronger than ever and you’re removing people, places and belief systems that no longer align with your higher purpose. This can look like the end of a long-term relationship or friendship, leaving a job or moving to a new location. This can also look like finally being able to let go of bad habits or toxic beliefs that you might have been carrying with you for a very long time. The energy within you is rapidly shifting causing your reality to shift with it.

#2 Emotional regulation.

You are in a state of processing your emotions differently. No longer are you allowing yourself to be on a constant emotional roller-coaster ride. You are not just feeling your emotions, but you are processing them and are currently training yourself to respond differently to life events.

Our emotional responses are behaviors that we have picked up from childhood, but the automatic responses oftentimes don’t allow us to create the reality that we want for ourselves. During this time period, you will make a continual effort to grow your emotional awareness.

#3 Letting go of fear.

It is often said that fear is the only thing holding us back from becoming our true selves. You remove fear by increasing your self-love and that takes practice. Self-love is a journey. How do you know if the steps you’re taking in life are fear-based or love-based? Expansion. Love will always feel expansive and fear will feel restrictive. During your awakening you will start to feel more ‘safe’ in your own skin, that’s love, allowing you to take off your mask and remove the layers of fear that have been holding you back.

#4 Clarity.

How you want to show up in this world will become clearer and clearer. You will be letting go of those beliefs, your own or those imposed upon you, that make you act smaller and live a life that no longer fits you. During a spiritual awakening, you start to step into new beliefs and understandings. Sometimes these beliefs will create ideas or lifestyle choices that you never thought you would find yourself being part of.

Now is the time to open up and to allow the world to experience all that you have to offer. You can do it, the universe always has your back.