Quick Astrology 2021: What Does Aquarius Rising Mean?

Amber Alexandria
2 min readSep 9, 2021
Photo Credit: Milos Bojovic

What does your rising sign mean?

Your birth chart is an exact image of the sky during the moment you were born. Your rising sign, also known as ascendant, in astrology shows which zodiac sign was ascending on the eastern horizon during the precise time of your birth.

The rising sign is also part of the big three astrology sign placements modern astrology focuses on to get a bigger understanding of your overall personality.

Rather than only relying on your sun sign to give the most intimate details of who you are — you can look at your sun, moon and rising signs for a much broader understanding.

What does Aquarius rising mean?

The rising sign in astrology is a good indicator as to the impression you leave upon people. This astrological placement will also show your outlook on life.

Aquarius rising enjoy their individuality, often sporting a more quirky and eccentric persona. People with this placement can often feel like they are on the outside looking in.

Aquarius rising loves learning new ideas and concepts, but this is more of a self-discovery than a classroom setting. They have their own strong opinions which lead many Aquarius rising towards the pathway of humanitarian efforts or social change.