Quick Astrology 2021: What Does Libra Moon Mean?

Amber Alexandria
1 min readOct 19, 2021
Photo Credit: Bruce Mars

What does your moon sign mean?

In astrology, your moon sign represents the subconscious part of you — the emotions that seem to come out of the blue. The moon sign rules over your inner self — those deep feelings, thoughts and the way you emotionally interact with the world around you.

The moon is viewed as one of three very big astrology placements on your birth chart that modern astrology uses to determine your overall personality. The other two major influential placements being your rising sign and sun sign.

What does Libra moon mean?

Those with Libra moon are happiest when the people and environments around them are warm and welcoming. This moon placement is not one to debate, but would rather find an emotional balance when interacting with others.

Someone with a Libra moon is incredibly friendly and social. And if they haven’t found that special someone to share the rest of their lives with, this moon sign placement can make someone feel incomplete.