Quick Astrology 2021: What Does Scorpio Rising Mean?

Amber Alexandria
1 min readSep 14, 2021
Photo Credit: Bart LaRue

What does your rising sign mean?

The rising sign, also known as ascendant, will let you know which zodiac sign was rising above the horizon during the time of your birth. The rising sign is one of three primary astrological placements that give insight into your personality. The other two being your Sun and Moon sign.

When looking at your rising sign in astrology it can tell you how you are often perceived by others as well as your overall outlook on life.

What does Scorpio rising mean?

Those with Scorpio rising have a strong presence — they have an intense and strong desire to succeed. This group of individuals are very strong-willed and not afraid to speak their minds.

They rely heavily on intuition to solve problems. Being so intuitive, they can see through people's exteriors. Scorpio rising intuitive inner knowing can intimidate others.

In a relationship, Scorpio rising needs a partner who is reliable, down to earth and loyal.