Quick Astrology 2021: What Does The Eighth House In Your Birth Chart Mean?

Amber Alexandria
2 min readNov 26, 2021


Photo Credit: Charly Pn

What do the 12 houses in your birth chart mean?

We are influenced by the planetary energies in our solar system. Each planet holds its own energy. Based on the energy a planet may have — like Venus being associated with love — a planet can have more influence over different areas of our life.

Each planet rules over a zodiac sign. And the energetic combination of a ruling planet and zodiac sign gives us a “house.” The order the of the houses are determined by the pathway the sun takes around the zodiac star constellations — Aries being the first house of the zodiac.

The combination of a planet and a zodiac sign to create a house is the same for everyone — but the planets themselves are in different rotational cycles during a person’s birth. This allows for people to become influenced by different energies.

The Eighth House (Pluto + Scorpio)

  • Transformation
  • Sexuality
  • Inheritances
  • Death & rebirth
  • Peak experiences

The eighth house is sometimes referred to as The House of Environment.

In this mysterious house belongs death, birth, sex, mysteries, and bonding at the deepest levels. Pluto brings the energy of transformation and radical change. Scorpio is about intuition and the emotional realm. This is a house of endings and new beginnings.

The eighth house also deals with the support you receive from others. This could be financial support, spiritual, emotional or physical.