Quick Astrology 2021: What Does The Ninth House In Your Birth Chart Mean?

Amber Alexandria
2 min readDec 2, 2021
Photo Credit: Rebecca Peterson

What do the 12 houses in your birth chart mean?

Our birth chart is an exact replica of the sky during the moment we were born. Our time here on Earth is greatly influenced by the positioning of the planets and zodiac star constellations.

The 12 houses in our birth chart come from the sun’s journey around the 12 zodiac star constellations — with the first house being Aries.

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. And the energetic combination of a zodiac sign and ruling planet creates a “house” and the areas of influence they will have over your lives.

When it comes to the foundational energies of a house, those are the same for everyone. Everyone has the same ruling planet and zodiac sign used to create a specific house.

The planets however, are in different rotational cycles during the time of an individual’s birth allowing for that person to be influenced by different energies.

The Ninth House (Jupiter + Sagittarius)

  • Higher mind
  • Spirituality
  • International travels
  • Learning
  • Philosophy

The ninth house is also known as The House of Spirituality.

The planet Jupiter is associated with growth, prosperity and good fortune. Sagittarius is about going on quests and adventures. These quests can be spiritual in nature, or geographical.

Here in the ninth house, the spiritual or geographical adventures we seek bring us growth in life.