Quick Astrology 2021: What Does The Seventh House In Your Birth Chart Mean?

Amber Alexandria
2 min readNov 9, 2021
Photo Credit: Nathan McBride

What do the 12 houses in your birth chart mean?

The 12 houses in our birth chart follow the zodiac star constellation that the sun travels through over the course of a year. When it’s your birthday the sun is traveling through your zodiac star constellation.

So that we better understand the influence the zodiac star constellations have on us, we give them personality traits — like Taurus being loyal.

Each zodiac has a ruling planet that holds its own energy — like Venus associated with love.

Each one of the 12 houses is made up of an energetic combination of a ruling planet and a zodiac sign.

Formula: ruling planet + a zodiac sign = a house

The combination of ruling planets and zodiac signs that make up the 12 houses on a birth chart are the same for everyone, but the planets are in different rotational cycles during the time of a person’s birth. Allowing for a different influence of energies to take place.

The Seventh House (Venus + Libra)

  • Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Enemies
  • Life Partners
  • Business Contracts

The seventh house is referred to as The House of Relationships.

Venus rules over the zodiac sign Libra. Venus embodies love, pleasure and what we value. Libra is about bringing justice, balance and harmony to our relationships.

The seventh house is about our most intimate relationships we have during our time here on Earth. And the types of people we will seek out in romance, business and friendships.