Quick Astrology: Curious? Here’s A Detailed Description Of All 12 Zodiac Moon Signs

Amber Alexandria
5 min readNov 2, 2021
Photo Credit: Mark Tegethoff

In astrology, the moon sign is known as “the inner self.” This is because the moon rules over your emotions — your fears, wants and deepest desires.

Here is an overview of all 12 zodiac moon sign characteristics and traits.

Aries Moon

Those with Aries moon are fiery individuals who meet life head-on. No matter what happens in life — like the phoenix rising from the ashes — Aries moon has an astonishing ability to brush off the past, take charge of their lives and move onward.

Aries moon really loves their own company and enjoys being alone — they thrive on it. They find comfort in withdrawing from the world. If there is a sign who knows exactly who they are — it’s an Aries moon.

Taurus Moon

People with Taurus moon feel their best living a more practical lifestyle. They create ease in their lives when they surround themselves with people, items and belief systems that can provide them with stability and security.

Creating habits and accomplishing task are also a love of those who have Taurus moon — as it can be harder to adapt without some sort of routine.

With a Taurus moon there is no need to rush, this birth chart placement likes to move at its own pace.

Gemini Moon

Those with Gemini moon need to be in environments where they can express themselves openly and can also exchange ideas with others.

They enjoy the company of those who maintain staying present with them when they speak — not someone who is only half listening. Gemini moon also does best when they are being intellectually stimulated.

All forms of communication are great for someone with Gemini moon — from speaking engagements, to creative writing and other artistic pathways of self expression. Those with this moon placement have an imagination that is truly endless.

Cancer Moon

Often nicknamed the “moon child” of the zodiac — those with Cancer moon are incredibly intuitive. They are very sensitive to all the energetic vibrations around them. And this can cause someone with Cancer moon to become overwhelmed with all the information they are receiving.

Those that have a Cancer moon placement in their birth chart are very nurturing and protective of themselves and those that they care about. Family and home are very important to a Cancer moon — as these areas provide emotional safety.

Leo Moon

Leo moon birth chart placement loves to entertain family and friends. They are funny, charming and those that hang out with them are sure to have a good time.

Those with Leo moon tend to express themselves in a very child-like and playful manner. They also have a lot of passion towards their dreams and don’t give up easily.

In relationships, those with Leo moon can be quite romantic — and when they fall in love, they fall hard.

Virgo Moon

Those with Virgo moon feel greatest when they have a purpose that exists outside themselves. They love using their gifts and talents to be of great use to the world around them.

Those with a Virgo moon placement do not need to be the center of attention and they enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoying the smaller details of life brings Virgo moon comfort.

Because Virgo moon has such an appreciation for the details in day-to-day living they can easily get overwhelmed if they are not careful in finding balance. Having a routine and sticking to it is one of the best ways Virgo moon can bring balance into their lives.

Libra Moon

Those with Libra moon are happiest when the people and environments around them are warm and welcoming. This moon placement is not one to debate, but would rather find an emotional balance when interacting with others.

Someone with a Libra moon is incredibly friendly and social. And if they haven’t found that special someone to share the rest of their lives with, this moon sign placement can make someone feel incomplete.

Scorpio Moon

Those with a Scorpio moon placement are very intuitive and are willing to go deeper to see what’s beneath the surface. The knowledge that is gained by doing this is how someone with a Scorpio moon placement is able to manifest their truest desires.

Because of the gift of having such a strong intuition and taking in different energies, many people who have a Scorpio moon find themselves going through very dramatic ups and downs in life. Self awareness is the key to helping a Scorpio moon through these intense life cycles.

Sagittarius Moon

Those with a Sagittarius moon placement love exploration and travel — this can be internal through spiritual insights or external through geographical wonders.

People with this moon placement have a love for learning and new experiences. Having a good memory allows for people with a Sagittarius moon to retain all that they learn and experience.

Often times a Sagittarius moon can feel quite restless due to a constant fear of FOMO — fear of missing out. Those with this moon placement are always ready and looking towards the future for the next big thing.

Capricorn Moon

Those with a Capricorn moon are always working towards something. This could be external like being promoted at work or internal like exploring the deeper parts of their emotions. Those with this moon placement are very goal driven and they do not like drama.

Capricorn moon people are well-rounded individuals — as they are very rational and practical with their approach to life. Always looking towards the future, those with this astrological placement put a lot of pressure on themselves.

Having a great mentor can help those with Capricorn moon feel more stable and secure with the direction they are going towards.

Aquarius Moon

People with Aquarius moon often have the well-balanced combination of intellectual, creative, and social skills that allow them to forge their own path in life quite successfully. Often driven by an internal force to make the lives of those around them better.

People with Aquarius moon love their freedom. They are also very approachable and love to socialize. Oftentimes socializing over shared interest in humanitarian or social causes that are close to the heart.

These people also have a very unique sense of style — and love offbeat or unusual finds.

Pisces Moon

Those with Pisces moon are very sensitive people with deep emotions. They are often referred to as those who live on the darker side of the moon — appearing mysterious, reserved and many times withdrawn due to the strong emotions that they hold within them.

People with moon in Pisces are very kind and compassionate individuals. They have a very strong intuition where they are able to sense how anyone is really feeling.

This powerful intuition is an amazing gift that those with Pisces moon have, but at the same time it can also result in someone who daydreams so often they can appear out of touch with reality. However, they can trust their intuition with just about anything.