Quick Astrology: How To Easily Understand The 12 Houses In Your Birth Chart

Amber Alexandria
4 min readAug 4, 2021
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What do the 12 houses in your birth chart mean?

The world that we live in is made up of various energies. Planetary energies included. Your astrological blueprint or birth chart is how planetary energies — like Mars, Mercury, Saturn — will influence your life.

Each planet has its own vibration that rules over a zodiac sign. And each zodiac sign has its own personality — how the energy will be expressed.

When you combine the energy of a ruling planet and the personality of a zodiac sign you get a house.

Formula: ruling planet + a zodiac sign = a house

This works the same way in real life when people live under the same roof or house. You have a ruling planet like a parent, guardian or partner. The person who is the head of the household has a particular energy. And depending on the energy or vibration — everyone else living in the house will express themselves accordingly, just like a zodiac sign.

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What are the 12 houses?

The First House (Mars + Aries)

The first house is known as The House of Self. Mars brings the energy of desire, action and passion. Aries expresses itself as motivation and self-determination.

Here in the first house, what motivates us are our desires and passions in life.

The Second House (Venus + Taurus)

The second house is commonly referred to as The House of Possessions. Venus brings the energy of love, pleasure and what we value in life. Taurus expresses itself through possessions. This could be possessing lots of money or it could be possessing great spiritual insights.

Here in the second house, we possess or accumulate what we love and value in life.

The Third House (Mercury + Gemini)

The third house, also known as The House of Communications, is a combination of Mercury and Gemini. Mercury is all about mentality, thinking patterns and mindset. Gemini is about the intellectual and interacting with one's environment.

Here in the third house, how we express our intellect and the way in which we interact with our environment starts with the mind, our mindset.

The Fourth House (Moon + Cancer)

The fourth house is called, The House of Home. The Moon represents feelings and intuition. Cancer is all about emotions and nurture.

Here in the fourth house, our true emotions are expressed through our feelings and intuition.

The Fifth House (Sun + Leo)

The fifth house is often referred to as The House of Creativity. The sun is all about one's identity and expressing individuality. Leo brings the expression of enjoyment and pleasure.

Here in the fifth house, joy and pleasure will be expressed through one's identity.

The Sixth House (Mercury + Virgo)

The sixth house is commonly referred to as The House of Health. Mercury rules over the zodiac sign Virgo, as well as in the third house Gemini. Mercury is all about the way in which we think and our thinking patterns. Virgo is about system, practicality and logic.

Here in the sixth house, how we develop our logic is through our thinking patterns or mindset.

The Seventh House (Venus + Libra)

The seventh house is referred to as The House of Relationships. Venus rules over the zodiac sign Libra, just like Taurus in the second house. Venus embodies love, pleasure and what we value. Libra is all about bringing justice, balance and harmony to our relationships.

Here in the seventh house, we express balance and harmony in our relationships through pleasure and love.

The Eighth House (Pluto + Scorpio)

The eighth house is sometimes referred to as The House of Environment. In this mysterious house belongs death, birth, sex, mysteries, and bonding at the deepest levels. Pluto brings the energy of transformation and radical change. Scorpio is about intuition and the emotional realm.

Here in the eighth house, our emotions and intuition bring about a radical change in our lives.

The Ninth House (Jupiter + Sagittarius)

The ninth house is also known as The House of Spirituality. The planet Jupiter is associated with growth, prosperity and good fortune. Sagittarius is about going on quests and adventures. These quests can be spiritual in nature, or geographical.

Here in the ninth house, the spiritual or geographical adventures we seek bring us growth in life.

The Tenth House (Saturn + Capricorn)

The Tenth House is often referred to as The House of Reputation. Saturn brings the energy of discipline, ambition and structure. Capricorn is about hard work and not stopping at anything to get desired results.

Here in the tenth house, hard work is expressed through discipline and structure.

The Eleventh House (Uranus + Aquarius)

The eleventh house is known as The House of Community and Friendships. Uranus brings extreme roller-coaster like energy. Uranus is all about breakdowns, breakthroughs and having no limits. Aquarius expresses making the world a better place, humanitarianism and philanthropy.

Here in the eleventh house, as a community, we make the world a better place by breaking down old ways of living and having breakthroughs to new ways of expressing ourselves.

The Twelfth House (Neptune + Pisces)

The twelfth house is called The House of the Subconscious. The twelfth house deals with everything unseen — dreams, secrets, emotions. Neptune brings the energy of imagination. Pisces is all about fantasy.

Here in the twelfth house, we express our fantasies through our imagination.