What Is The Difference Between Incantations & Affirmations: How To Use Both To Manifest Your Desired Reality

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What are affirmations?

Over time your subconscious mind will start to identify with your suggestive phrases. When this happens you will start to feel differently about who you are and will unconsciously — because you have now reprogrammed yourself subconsciously — start to change your behavior patterns.

As your behavior patterns start to change, you become a different person. A collection of all your behavior patterns is referred to as your personality.

Personality = Personal Reality

When you change your personality, you have now changed your personal reality. This is how affirmations can help you manifest the life you truly desire since you are now moving towards becoming that person.

How to use affirmations?

I am attracting the best income opportunities.

The statement above is a fantastic affirmation to use if your desired reality is to create more wealth for yourself. Affirmations exist for all areas of your life.

If you are excited about generating more wealth for yourself — be sure to look over my already crafted 30+ powerful financial affirmations article here. And choose whichever affirmations resonate with you the best.

Step 2: Repeat this phrase over and over

Don’t let this step stress you out. A great time to repeat affirmations is just before you fall asleep and within the first couple of minutes of you waking up.

During this time period your brain is in the alpha stage.

This is when your subconsciousness mind is the most impressionable. In the morning, whatever we are exposed to within those first couple of minutes — including thoughts — sets the tone for the rest of the day.

What are incantations and how do you use them?

To gain more clarity on what this sounds like — listen to this Youtube video loop below of Tony Robbins explaining how to use incantations and performing his own.

Depending on your current personality you might find that using incantations work better for you than affirmations.

With incantations, you can use the same power statements that you use for affirmations, or you can freestyle your statements for a more empowering effect.

I personally use both ways in my practice to manifest my desired reality.



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